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Hi, i am ABUBAKAR OYEROGBA an aspiring digital entrepreneur, a digital consultant with over 8 year's experience in using digital technologies to solve challenges for businesses.

I start my web design career 3 years after i moved back to Lagos from Abuja, 2008 to be precise, but I have knowledge about graphic design since 1998.

I keep developing my skillset, which includes WordPress Development, Brand Identity, Creative Design,Content Creation, Digital Marketing, and Digital Skills Trainer. As a vast learner, I also have knowledge about on PC repair and maintenance, Electrical and Plumbing works...and many more.

I have executed graphic design and website projects for small and medium scale businesses, both private and government organizations and some international business through online freelancing.

I was the lead facilitator with WEBNET ASSOCIATE where i facilitate training on website and graphic design for over 300 students under the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) training scheme.

I am an enthusiastic lover of online learning and browsing the internet to acquire more knowledge and skills bring me a pure feeling of satisfaction!

Below are the lists of organisations that i have worked with

  • 👉 Sidmach Technologies
  • 👉 Clear Coast Communication
  • 👉 Citizen Compass
  • 👉 DLX Designs
  • 👉 Media Support Center
  • 👉 The Bed and Bath Company
  • 👉 Athletic Federation of Nigeria
  • 👉 The Nigeria Turkey Group
  • 👉 The Defender Nigeria
  • 👉 Olive Crescent Scholar School
  • 👉 Ummu Khair Model School
  • 👉 Slave of Allah Foundation
  • 👉 Tripple Ace Computer
  • 👉 Bismatrix Communications
  • 👉 MXL Accounting Solutions
  • 👉 Bee Conservation Nigeria
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WordPress Development (CMS)


Website Design


Brand Identity Design


Creative Design


Digital Marketing


Digital Content Creation


Digital Skills Training


My Abilities and Skills


  • WordPress Development
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Website
  • Web Integration


  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Branding


  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Strategy


  • Digital Skills Training
  • Online Learning
  • Digital Training Setup
  • Support and Solutions

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+234803 685 0063, +234809 394 3777